Sunday, July 26, 2009

Power Structures of the Zombie Masses.

The Shuffling Horde that roams the land has built itself primitive social groups that control its ebb's and flows. These structures are based on violence and barbarity. The hordes shuffle into groups supporting a champions, who assault one another in a bloody and devastating Battle-Royale. This leaves the victor to command the hordes. These Über-Zombies weakened from the melee must not upset its rivals as it cannot survive another brawl. it must deliver on its promises of brains, it must leap once again into the fray, seeking out brains to consume and devour, to continue the zombie onslaught for one more day.

The Über-Zombies are constantly pushing to expand the zombie domination, for, if the horde fails to feed, the Über will instead be devoured. Never does the horde look for more than the immediate gratification of now. never looking beyond this brain, this meal, right now. There is no halt to their waves, they do not stop, they constantly feed.